The amethyst room is the front room in this 1880′s picturesque house.

Rich leadlights,the colour of amethyst, give the room its name. Sleep restfully here where polished wood gleams, comfortable chairs invite and muted colours complement the subtle patterns of Persian carpets. Open the door onto a conservatory where you can enjoy the quiet, looking onto a vibrant garden and out to sea.

To walk into the lounge-dining room is to feel at home in another era. Splendid antique furniture and art works blend harmoniously to create a welcoming environment. Here attention to detail – fresh flowers, a cushion that fits the chair, coffee and books at hand – give a foretaste of the service you can expect.

Many of our guests make repeat bookings. We are in the CBD heritage area, walk everywhere. We love your call to confirm Newcomen B & B is for you. Click here to visit our website


Rosemary Bunker
+61 02 4929 7313
70 Newcomen Street, NEWCASTLE



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